Release bearing

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Good for Toyota Innova 2007-2013

E – 2.0 Gas a/t, 2.0 Gas m/t, 2.5 Dsl a/t, 2.8 Dsl a/t, 2.8 Dsl m/t

G – 2.0 Gas a/t, 2.8 Dsl at, 2.8 Dsl m/t

J – 2.0 Gas m/t, 2.8 Dsl a/t

V – 2.8 dsl a/t

“When actuating the clutch, a lever presses on the rotation axis of the clutch, so that the clutch disc are slightly separated and thereby the transmission of the engine force is disconnected. … A worn out clutch release bearing is noted by noises when actuating the clutch.”